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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

We are pleased to introduce the brand-new Pascal Indoor Practice Facility, located at the Brooks Practice Facility just south of Wallace Wade Stadium.

The 82,000-square foot facility features a 120-yard playing surface and was completed in August of 2011.  The building, was designed and constructed by The Beck Group, will be primarily used for Duke’s football program.

List of Amenities:

  • Remote Control Filming Towers

  • Retractable Goal Posts

  • Game Officials’ Locker Room

  • Equipment and Storage Space

  • Coaches Balcony for Viewing Practice

  • Scoreboard

5 did you know facts:

  • The facility is 66’10” at its ceiling peak.

  • The lead gift of $6 million was provided by former Duke All-America running back Bob Pascal.

  • The facility is adjacent to our Outdoor Full Length Practice Field and the Brooks Practice Center.

  • The turf field in the Pascal Center is officially named and donated by Sara Lynn & K.D. Kennedy, Jr.

  • It is the only full length Division 1 college football indoor practice facility in North Carolina and the ACC.

Bob Pascal – Pascal Fieldhouse

Pascal was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. He was raised in and attended public school in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He played football at Duke University. During this time, Pascal earned first team All-American as a halfback in 1955. He led the Duke Blue Devils in rushing for two season, and was named team MVP in 1955. He was also a two time first team All-ACC selection. After graduating from Duke in 1956, Pascal was drafted in the third round by the Baltimore Colts. Pascal instead decided to play in the Canadian Football League for the Montreal Alouettes. During his one season in the league, he played for the Grey Cup.

After playing in the Canadian Football League, Pascal then moved back to the United States and entered the propane business. He eventually bought his own company, United Propane, and built it into one of the top 25 in the country. Pascal sold the company to Inergy, L.P. in 2003. Pascal also entered politics.

Pascal was a State Senator from 1971-1974. Pascal was the Republican nominee for Governor of Maryland in 1982, losing to incumbent Harry R. Hughes. Pascal served as the Secretary of Appointments to Governor William Donald Schaefer from 1989-1995.

Pascal donated $6 million to Duke University to help fund the construction of an indoor practice facility for the Duke football team. The facility was later named the Pascal Field House in his honor.

Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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Pascal Indoor Practice Facility

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